3D Earth ScreenSaver

3D Earth ScreenSaver

The screensaver shows you a view of the Earth from space, with light effects
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Have you ever wondered what astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle see around them? Would you like to see the Earth from space? 3D Earth ScreenSaver will let you feel like a space traveller!
The screensaver shows you a magnificent view of the Earth as seen from outer space, complete with light effects. The planet slowly rotates and enlightens some of the most important cities of the Earth.

You can see continents, oceans, and clouds, even an occasional storm! As it rotates in front of you at night, the principal cities show their lights and their names.

As you are absorbed enjoying the beauty of our planet, you will surely feel mesmerized when suddenly you realize you are watching your first sunrise from space!

All the options of the screensaver are customizable. You can choose to turn on or off the atmospheric glow, the stars, the moon and the sun. Add cities that you like and remove the ones that you don't. Change the level of detail and then get ready for the ultimate feature: you don't only sit down and watch! With 3D Earth ScreenSaver, you can also LISTEN to the noises of the planet! Or listen to the noises of the cities!

This is a screensaver that will surely become a center of attraction at your home or office, and will provide hours of relaxed contemplation.

Fernando Soni
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  • Great views of the planet
  • The sunrise is awesome


  • It can become monotonous
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